Prepare For Your Situational Judgment Test with Confidence

Welcome to the official website of CASPer SIM™ (Character And Situation based Personal Simulations) QBank.   APE’s CASPer SIM™ is the original evidence-based, comprehensive CASPer test practice question bank developed in 2010 by former McMaster Situational Judgment Test (SJT) physician assessors.  Our test authors are educators with expert knowledge of the SJT research literature.  We are an independent provider of high quality Full Length and Non-Full Length practice SJT tests to United States and Canadian medical school, residency and nursing applicants preparing for their CASPer exam.   Our expert educators create realistic QBank test scenarios that match the style and/or exceed the level of difficulty experienced on the actual exam.  To try a free CASPer SIM™ QBank sample test, please click here.  


Here are just a few reasons why applicants choose to practice using our realistic CASPer SIM™ QBank test simulations:

*QBank questions developed by former McMaster SJT Physician Assessors
*QBank questions reviewed against current SJT literature, ensuring the most up to date testing experience
*QBank features over 100 Video-based Scenarios and 150 Word-Based Scenarios available for practice
*QBank accurately reflects SJT tested domains for medical school, nursing and residency applicants
*QBank uses robust and reliable scoring algorithms to predict your performance
*QBank interface reflects actual testing experience
*QBank score report with performance profile, available
*QBank personalized one-on-one assessment, available
*QBank delivered online with 24/7 access for your convenience